Public Cruise Areas and Play Spaces

HeadQuarters offers something for everyone, from cubicles for 2 or 3 people with lockable doors for those who want enjoy their sex in private, to open areas for group sex accommodating up to 50 people.

There is no charge for these public rooms and areas.


Room with open bar jail door and padded bench

For pigs who like to be seen by passers by.

Basement Level


Large prison type complex, open barred walls, with 2 lockable rooms.

Great for those who love to play in groups and let the whole world see. Usually full on Fri and Sat nights!

Basement Level

Pig Pen

Open bar area with public sling on stage.

Whether its a fist or a fuck in the sling, let everyone share the view, but not the pleasure.

Basement Level

SUK Station

Open style glory holes

It's first in, first served on the weekends on the top part.

Basement Level

Dark Room

Two entrance play room

Wind your way past the Lunch Shed and there you are. Make sure you grab condoms on the way in!

Lower Basement Level

Lunch Shed

Porn Room with bench seating

Usually more action in here than on the screen!

Lower Basement Level

The Beat

HQ's indoor beat area with glory holes galore!

Slip in through the discreet entrance.

Basement Level

Porn Room

Porn Room offering 2 channels, with bench seating and divided play space

Two different porn channels. Two areas.

1st floor

Glory Hole Avenue

Glory Holes

Get in behind the arch doors into this double ended glory hole room!

1st floor

Workmans Retreat

Divided areas with public sling

Four great group sex play spaces and an open sling. Lots of mirrors!

1st floor

Water Sports Room

Large waterproof space with bath tub and showers

Able to accommodate over 50 people, this is a unique space anywhere in the world. You can even watch through the windows from the corridor outside! Check it out!

1st floor