Dress Code

Normal Entrance

HeadQuarters provides a safe place for men have sex with other men, catering for masculine gay and bi sexual men.

Dress is casual and our minimum code is covered footwear. Guys usually dress in normal street clothes. (Cross dressing is not permitted). Nudity is permitted at any time, but is not usually encountered outside of the parties.

During night time, many people remove their top (then check it in at the counter)

Party Dress Codes

Naked Sex Party

A party for guys who like to get completely naked. Our busiest party of the month .

Covered footwear only - total nudity. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Piss Party

Piss party for guys who like to piss and be pissed on. An event where the pissing takes place only in the special wet room upstairs. Water sports is only permitted in the wet room, and upstairs toilet area.

No dress dress code applies, but many wear speedos, shorts or jockstraps or just go naked - remember covered footwear or similar as a minimum.

If this is your first time at a Piss Party, and you are not quite sure that you want to dive in full steam, why not settle in outside of the wet area and look in through the two windows at what is happening. Then when you feel comfortable and are ready, walk around the corner and join in the fun.

Underwear Party

These are themed parties at different times of the year. Speedo parties in the summer, underwear in the autumn and spring, and footy shorts in the winter.

Most guys will wear the theme for the party, but you are always welcome at all these parties to wear underwear or go naked as well as the theme.

As always, covered footwear essential.

Incognito Party

Option to be masked and hide your identity during party