What is HeadQuarters?

HeadQuarters is a Cruise Club (or Sex on Premises venue) for men to go and have sex with other men. You pay a fee to enter and this entitles you to use the facilities. Cruise Clubs are unique to the gay community and have developed a culture of their own. Headquarters offers a number of themed areas which are diverse and it is this diversity that makes HeadQuarters unique.

What's the difference between a Cruise Club and a Sauna?

Cruise Clubs offer a wide range of sexual activities with playrooms, places for public and private sex, with sling rooms, cubicles, lounge areas and refreshment facilities. Guys walk around in their clothes.

Saunas feature wet areas such as steam room, saunas and spa. Guys walk around in a towel. There are lots cubicles with vinyl mattresses and as well the usual showers, rest areas and refreshments.

What type of guys come to HeadQuarters?

There is no one type of guy or exclusive group of people that come to HeadQuarters. We attract a range of nationalities and ages over 18. Our parties offer something for everyone, while at the same time a wide mix of people can be found. We pride ourselves on catering to all age groups, all nationalities and gay sub cultures.

Why do guys go to HeadQuarters?

You might think the obvious and say ' to have sex', but that would be only one reason. Others include

  • to socialise
  • to meet someone to go home and have sex with
  • a way to meet new friends and fuck buddies
  • to explore sex outside of a relationship
  • to explore different experiences, for example water sports or fisting
  • to use facilities you don't have at home, for example sling rooms
  • for group sex
  • an alternative social meeting place apart from pubs and night clubs
  • for guys who are not 'out' to have sex with other men
  • its a safe environment

First time at a sex venue?

If this is your first time ever at a sex venue, here are few tips to help you.

The entrance foyer is off the main street, so once you are in the foyer, you won't be seen from the road.

Let the staff know it's your first time here. (Even if you don't, they will most likely know). They will get you inside quickly and show you how the club works.

Once inside, you will be on the social level. It will look similar to a big coffee shop with comfortable seating, a TV area and reading material. Take some time to relax on this floor. Grab a free tea or coffee and just relax.

There is an excellent booklet called "when you're hot, you're hot" which is an easy guide to what you always wanted to know about Sex Venues but were afraid to ask. There are copies on this floor - please ask the counter staff for one if you have not already been offered one. Check it out.

Since there no sex allowed on this level, you will not be approached in a sexual manner.

Please feel free to ask the staff anything - from where are the toilets, to how to use the douche room - there's probably nothing new that you could ask them!

When you are feeling relaxed, wander into the sex areas - these are two levels below ground and another level on the top floor. Just wander around and observe. See what other people are doing, how they move, react and approach people. If at anytime you feel uncomfortable, simply come back to the social level again.

Sometimes that's all people feel comfortable with doing on their first visit - whilst others don't seem to reappear from downstairs for hours - well there's just so many men and so little time!

First time at HeadQuarters?

So you've been to other sex clubs and saunas, but it's a first time to HeadQuarters.

There are four floors to explore - the ground level where you came in which is purely social - coffee lounge area, TV area, and front counter for refreshments. Notices explaining the club layout are near the counter - or ask the staff.

Top floor sex play space (walk to the far end of the ground floor and go up the stairs) has toilets, douche room, sling rooms, cubicles, reception area, and water sports room.

Below ground are another 2 levels of sex play space, stairs are beside the front counter just as you entered. Downstairs are toilets, sling rooms, douche room, play spaces, cubicles, porn room, suck station and group sex areas.