Private Rooms

These provide an alternative to the public rooms, providing maximum privacy and facilities. Private rooms can be booked at the Front Counter, or by telephone in advance.

Sling Rooms

The private sling rooms are setup and ready for your enjoyment. Built to order, they contain a special fully backed sling with plenty of room for play and company. Subdued red lighting, plus dimmer controlled spot light add to the ambience. All sling rooms contain a video screen offering heavy duty entertainment.

Sling Rooms (Room 1,2)

These are located on the basement level, nearest the toilet block.

They are newly renovated in fresh colours, complete with hand basin, LCD TV's, new benches and shelves.

Opposite there are toilets, douche room and shower.

Sling Rooms (Room 3,4 and 5)

These are located on the 1st floor level, just past the watersports room. There is a toilet/ douche room adjacent and showers in the watersports room. These rooms are also provided with a hand basin and locker.

Mirror Room

Mirror Room (Room 6)

A full mirror room with mirrors around all the walls, on the door, and on the ceiling. A full length bed with heavy duty padding makes this an ideal playspace. To complete the mirror room, there is the choice of both red and white lighting, individually dimmer controlled.

All private rooms are $25 for first 3hr, $18 per 3 hrs thereafter. BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL FOR FRI, SAT NIGHTS!

Bookings at front counter or phone.